Shift Collab is Canada’s leading mental health practice. This mental health institute is located in Toronto. We started working on this account in January 2022. In this case study, we compare December 2021 with May 2022 results.


  • 372.84% increase in terms of traffic, going from 81 to more than 350
  • 75.12% change in terms of CTR, from 4.43% to 7.76%, which shows an increase in the relevance & quality of the generated traffic. 
  • 663.64% increase in conversions. Going from 22 to 168. 
  • CA$68.95 decrease in overall cost per conversion, which changed from CA$102.95 to CA$34.01.

Main Optimizations:

  • This account structure and segmentations that were implemented are based on the reach of the campaigns. (broad, phrase, and exact match keywords)
  • We Implemented a fully automated bidding strategy. 
  • We did thorough keyword research and strategically placed negative keywords for better results.
  • We made certain optimizations toward the best-performing elements of the account.

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