21 Mortgage Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried

21 Mortgage Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried

Growing a mortgage brokerage can get very difficult without a proper mortgage marketing plan. The best way to get ahead of your competitors in such a competitive market is to try all the mortgage marketing ideas out there. In order to determine the right marketing plan, you need to know what works and what does not. In this article, we list 21 mortgage marketing ideas for your mortgage marketing plan that you haven’t tried.  

1. Update Your Website & Landing Pages

You can start by updating your key landing pages that you are sure brings in the most traffic and make them more conversational. People are more likely to convert when they feel you are talking to them directly and personally. Make sure your content is easy to understand and the website is clear and easy to navigate.  

2. Improve Relationships With Local Communities 

A great thing about building relationships with your local community is the fact that they will always support you. One of the most powerful marketing strategies is possibly word-of-mouth marketing. A marketing strategy as old as time.

3. Make Sure You Have A Social Media Presence

You might not realize this, but without a social media presence, your mortgage marketing plan might fail. People are very reliant on social media these days. If they see you are not active on social media they might go for a different mortgage broker.  This is where a social media marketing company comes in handy.

4. Work On Your SEO Strategy

It does not have to cost you thousands to have a good SEO plan in place. SEO is about using popular search terms, keywords, and hashtags to boost your website’s position on Google. You can do this by taking time and partnering up with a good SEO agency.  

5. Write Regular Blogposts

This forms part of your SEO plan, but it can also be seen as a mortgage marketing plan on its own. You can use your blogs to write about your industry and to give people mortgage advice.  

6. Make Use Of Lead Generation Platforms

There are multiple lead generation platforms that you can make use of. This is one of the easiest ways to gain more regular clients. Just make sure you use a trusted platform. You can hire a social media marketing agency to handle your socials and generate leads for your business.

7. Make Use Of Client Referrals

The easiest way to keep your business going is by asking clients to review and recommend you to their friends. Recommendations influence which companies people trust.

8. Go Live on Facebook

We already mentioned the importance of social media, but another great way to educate customers is via Facebook Live Videos. Going Live and posting that quick video is the best way to engage and grow your potential customer list.

9. Sponsor and Attend Local Events

You represent your company and your brand and what better way to market yourself than by attending local events and your logo? This will also show great commitment to your industry.

10. Educate People 

You can educate people on their credit through your monthly emails, Live videos, webinars, or by partnering up with other credit companies. Credit is the biggest mountain to climb when it comes to mortgages.

11. Start A Youtube Channel

Youtube is gold. By using Youtube to market your company, you give yourself the opportunity to reach millions of people. You can use Youtube Ads to reach people in your ideal target audience.

12. Link Building Can Increase Your Revenue

Although link building forms part of an overall SEO plan, it is a mortgage marketing strategy in its own right. You can drive more traffic to your website with the right link-building strategy.

13. Use A Billboard For Marketing

This might seem old school, but billboards can still work in the mortgage marketing industry. They are a great way to entice people’s minds to think about your brand. You can make use of a professional graphic designer to create a billboard that will work.

14. Make Use Of Paid Ads

Paid Advertising such as Google Ads is one of the easiest ways to appear to your ideal audience in a matter of hours or days. If you work with PPC experts, your company will appear as the top mortgage brokerage in your area. 

15. Update Your Email Strategy

A good email marketing strategy will allow you to connect with potential customers while also growing your relationships with current customers. At Adborg, we are email marketing experts and can help you develop the perfect mortgage marketing email plan. It is all about value!

16.  Promote Your Previous Client Testimonials

Happy clients are an asset that can you promote your business to future home buyers. Make it a habit of asking your current customers for feedback on their mortgage experience. 

17. Use Online Reputation Management 

A good online reputation is very important. Your online reputation is what will make or break a possible mortgage lead. You can hire an online reputation management agency to assist you with this.

18. Use Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimization services will help you generate more leads and sales by targeting the right audience. This is a good strategy if you have a well-developed website in place.

19. Wrap Your Car

This might seem like a weird marketing idea, but it actually works. Although there is no way to measure its success, it should not be overlooked. Wrapping your car is a great way to get your face and brand in front of people and possible clients.

20. Make Use Of The Current Market

The mortgage business is impacted by a lot of market-related topics. Make sure you know what is happening in the current market. Make sure you watch the news, check Youtube, read financial blogs, and more. You can adjust your marketing strategies according to this. 

21. Stay Consistent With Your Mortgage Marketing Plan

Although we mentioned a lot of mortgage marketing ideas, the biggest one is to stay consistent. Staying consistent may not seem like a marketing plan but it is. Consistency is key to any successful plan. 

At Adborg, we have years of experience in helping mortgage brokers build their businesses and take their revenue to the next level. If you need help implementing your mortgage marketing plan, let’s chat!

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