5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Lenders and Brokers

5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Lenders and Brokers

It can be really hard to achieve genuine and sustainable success as a mortgage lender and broker in 2022. In order to see long-term growth in the mortgage brokerage industry, you require a well-planned and proven mortgage marketing strategy. Keep in mind that the digital marketing industry is ever-changing. This is the reason why you should make sure that the digital marketing agency you work with has a clear mortgage marketing strategy in mind to help you grow.

Below, we get into a little more detail about the 5 digital marketing strategies for mortgage lenders and brokers that we believe in and that we have proven to work for our clients. 

5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Lenders and Brokers

Google Ad Campaigns With Focused Keywords

A very useful and successfully proven mortgage marketing strategy is definitely Google Ad Campaigns. Think about it, who does not want to appear first on Google? Whether it is organically or by paying for Google Ads, it is the ultimate goal. 

By focusing on awareness and acquisition campaigns on Google Ads and using focused keywords of Interest, you will see the success of your Google Ads skyrocket! Your mortgage clients will certainly increase over time.

Facebook and Instagram Ads For Increased Growth

Social Media is popular. This is a fact. If you are not leveraging this as part of a mortgage marketing strategy, your mortgage brokerage is missing out. By using targeted audience acquisition campaigns on Facebook and Instagram ads, you will be giving your business tons of opportunities to grow leads. Facebook and Instagram are among the best lead-generation channels for real estate and mortgage lender businesses.

Monthly Email Campaigns To Increase Possible Leads

Email marketing should be a key part of your mortgage marketing strategy.  Any successful digital marketing strategy will include email marketing as a medium. Email campaigns are often great ways to communicate with your existing customers, but they are also powerful to connect with new clients. Email Newsletters are also a great way to showcase current rates and connect with brokers.

Retargeting Ads To Convert Leads Into Customers

Remarketing and Retargeting Ads can be used to target interested customers and close the loop. People who are thinking about refinancing their homes, or buying a new property can be pushed to take action by using this marketing strategy. This is a highly effective digital marketing strategy. You can easily boost your conversion ratio by getting your ads in front of the right people at the right time.

Create a Content Portal on Your Website

A Content marketing strategy is a must-have as part of any successful mortgage marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy will help turn website visitors into possible leads. One thing to keep in mind is that visitors won’t give up their email addresses for any reason. You need to focus on developing a content marketing strategy that will convince them. It is all about providing content with genuine value to build your list of mortgage leads.

At Adborg, we have a proven track record of coming up with successful mortgage marketing strategies for mortgage lenders and brokers in Canada and around. Our tactics can help you generate more leads, stay connected with clients, and grow your mortgage business. 

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