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How to Use LinkedIn for Business in 2022

Running a business in 2022 is not always easy. Luckily, there are multiple ways to connect with other professionals online, and LinkedIn is the best social network for this. Linkedin has over a million monthly users which makes it the perfect platform to leverage for any business. But to make sure you are successful in your Linkedin Marketing endeavors, you need to know exactly what to do, what not to do, and how the platform works. Once you know what you are doing, Linkedin is the perfect place for businesses to find new talent, connect with possible customers, and overall B2B marketing.

We created the step-by-step guide on how to use Linkedin for business in 2022 to make your life as a business owner, just a little bit easier!

What Is A Linkedin Company Page

Do you know what a Linkedin Company page is, do you already have one? Well, in short, a LinkedIn company page is a page that you can create on Linkedin that will help you establish your public image on a global scale. You can also use your company page to network with prospective clients. 

The bottom line is, that a Linkedin company page will create a trustworthy image for your company. The first thing a lot of professional people do when they hear about a company is to go to Linkedin and do a quick search. If you don’t have a page, people will quickly move on to a competitor that might have an established page and profile.  

How You Can Use Linkedin For Your Business

You Can Make Use LinkedIn Advertising

Linkedin offers many different advertising features available to company pages on its platform. This can include sponsored text ads, posts, messages, and job listings; as well as dynamic, and photo carousel ads.

Just like with any other social network and platform, it is a proven fact that social ads influence people’s behavior on a daily basis. The same goes for Linkedin Advertising, so make sure you use all the features available to you so that you can be sure to create the best possible Linkedin marketing strategy. If you are unsure about LinkedIn Ads, we at Adborg can assist you, and help you see results!

You Can Use LinkedIn for Recruitment

LinkedIn was originally created as a platform where professional people can find and search for available job listings. Although LinkedIn has been transformed into more than a job listing platform, it is still used daily by professional people who need work. 

Over forty-five million people search through the LinkedIn database on a weekly basis in search of a new career opportunity. With this in mind, it is clear that LinkedIn is the perfect place to recruit new talent for your business. The great thing is that you can post job listings on your Company Page without paying anything extra.

If you can’t find the right talent with a free listing, you can always boost your job listing to reach a bigger audience. 

Network With Other Professionals in Your Field

Linkedin is full of other professional people working in the same field as you. You can easily broaden your professional network virtually and improve your business opportunities. Networking is possibly one of the most important things when it comes to business in 2022, and Linkedin is the perfect platform for this. 

Linkedin offers a tool called LinkedIn Groups that is great for networking. You can join private groups where you can share posts with people without them appearing on your profile. Remember that you can only join groups with your own profile and not your company’s page. You may even be able to secure a Digital Marketing RFP.

Below Is a Few Tips That Will Help You Succeed on LinkedIn

Be Consistent and Post Regularly

The first tip we can give you is to make sure you stay consistent and post regularly on your company page. You can create a content calendar for your company page and plan your content ahead of time to make sure you stay consistent. 

Create Original Content and Posts

A lot of people struggle with creating original content, we know. But it is important to not copy any content found online as is and to share them as is on your Linkedin page. When you create content, be original, share your opinions and thoughts and you will see how quickly your reach will increase. 

Re-Share Older Posts That Worked

Since you will be following a planned content calendar, you will easily be able to see what works and what doesn’t after a while. You can go back and re-share older posts that did really well to boost your reach a bit more.

The Top 3 Tips for LinkedIn Marketing

In today’s online world, especially in 2022, the way you do your Linkedin marketing will depend on your objectives and goals. Below, we will give you a few LinkedIn marketing tips that might be at the top of the list.

Make Sure Your Posts Are Optimized

When you create posts for your company page, it is important to be relevant. Linkedin works just like any other social media platform and will show relevant posts to the relevant people. So, think about the demographic you want to reach and write relevant content. You can also make sure that your posts always include the following:

  • Image or other assets such as photos, presentations, videos, and more. 
  • Add a call to action to your posts.
  • Start your posts with the right heading so that the right audience will know you are talking to them. 
  • Tag others in your post.
  • Include hashtags in all your posts.
  • Write attention-drawing headlines for your articles.
  • Make sure you respond to people that commented on your posts.

Learn From What You See on Your LinkedIn Analytics

As digital marketing professionals, we know the importance of online analytics. It is extremely important to regularly check your analytics to make sure your marketing strategy is working. Your analytics will tell you if you are closer to your marketing objectives or not. If you see your posts are not being read or shared for example, then you know your posts need to be improved. 

Make Sure You Post When Your Audience Is Active

This can be a difficult one. It is not always easy to know when your audience is online and active. The only way you can be certain is to think about your target audience and determine when those types of professionals are most active. You can think of factors such as time zones, work schedules, and more.

The Advantages of LinkedIn for Business

Now that you know what to keep in mind when you do marketing for your business on Linkedin, you might be wondering what the actual benefits of a Linkedin company page might be. Read more about the benefits of social media marketing. Well, we list some of the benefits below:

You Can Introduce New Products or Services

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that you can keep your audience up to date with your company offerings. Linkedin is a proven platform for generating sales and marketing services.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Your Linkedin company page allows you the ability to write a company description. This gives you a big benefit if you can write a description that will make you stand out from the rest. You can include things like your values, mission, and vision, and show what your company offers. 

Do Research on Your Competitors

Linkedin is becoming the social media platform used more often than some others. This allows you to easily “spy” on competitors by visiting their company pages and monitoring changes in your industry. 

Your Search Engine Rankings Will Improve

The last benefit is that a Linkedin company page will improve your business’ search engine rankings. When people search for your company on Google or other search engines, your page will appear.  Google and other search engines rank LinkedIn company pages highly in the search engine results pages. 

Final Thought 

We have given you an in-depth breakdown of LinkedIn for business, how it will help your company, and how you can achieve your goals. The fact is, if you invest the time, LinkedIn is the ideal resource for increasing business revenue.

If you are still unsure about LinkedIn marketing for your business after reading this step-by-step guide, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you as Linkedin Marketing experts.

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