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Which Digital Advertising Channel Is Best For My Business

Starting as an entrepreneur or business manager can be quite a struggle. A lot of important decisions have to be made and be made by YOU.  Of the many, you need to choose the best digital advertising channel for your product. This decision has to be based on the kind of product you are selling, your targeted audience, and the market resources at your disposal. There is an array of digital advertising channels, each with its uniqueness. In this post, you’ll be learning about four major channels for digital advertisement and knowing which is a perfect match for you. Let’s jump into it.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid ad platform that enables your product to appear in Google search results. Paid ads are typically first shown (usually about 4 to 5, with a small Ad icon) before results for organic searches.

  1. Your product: Google Ads is a great channel for you if your consumers are constantly in need of your product or brand. If you sell mobile phones, for instance, or offer online courses (both of which are actively being searched for), Google Ads is a great place for you. Your consumers would search for something like “Best place to buy a phone in California” or “Learn digital marketing online”.
  2.  Demographics: Everyone uses Google whether young or old, great or small, male or female. So, you can be sure your targeted audience would be well represented.
  3. Your Marketing Resources: Google Ads does not require any special graphic design or videos, however, a great landing page would drastically increase your ROI.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has over 1.5 billion users. This large number makes Facebook good for sporadic marketing effect and increasing your customer base. More so, Facebooks Ads can be placed in your stories, feeds, Facebook Messenger, articles, and so on.

  1. Your product: Facebook is an excellent channel to create brand awareness. It may not necessarily be for active buyers but is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your brand, educate your consumers and be among their buying options whenever they are ready.
  2. Demographics: Everyone uses Facebook as well. From statistics, both the older and younger generation are represented. Although the older generation has a larger percentage.
  3. Your marketing resources: You’d need an attractive and compelling vision to be successful on Facebook. Since Facebook is great for educating your prospects, you’d be needing great copywriting skills.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads may not be as ubiquitous as their Facebook counterpart, but the way they are finely blended with organic posts makes them good for portraying your brand’s splendor. Instagram users are not usually ready buyers, but like Facebook, are individuals who can get intimate with your brand. Over time, your product becomes a part of their buying options.

  1. Your product: Instagram is great for products that are visually appealing and portrays an aspirational lifestyle. It is a good channel for B2C products but it may get difficult to sell B2B products or professional services.
  2. Demographics: A larger portion of active Instagrammers are people under 30. It is thus good for products and businesses that are targeted at the younger generation.
  3. Your marketing resources: Instagram strongly dwells on visuals. Good copywriting skills may come in handy when inserting captions but having great pictures and videos is the real deal.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a highly corporate platform where a lot of companies and business owners can be found. This digital advertising channel is a good pick if you are selling B2B products or professional services. It is also great for brand awareness and not an instant purchase.

  1. Your product: LinkedIn is your best bet if your targeted audience is business owners or professional bodies.
  2. Demographics: As earlier mentioned, it is an amazing place for B2B services. Furthermore, folks with academic degrees, people that are in upper management, and a large chunk of millennials use LinkedIn
  3. Your marketing resources: LinkedIn is somewhere in the divide between good copywriting and decent visuals. Your articles, pictures, and videos are best polished professionally for optimal conversion.

Finally, note that it is advisable to use these different platforms in synchrony. While some drive, nurture, and educate your consumers, the others are on the ground to close sales whenever your consumers are ready to buy. Please see here for the cost of digital marketing.

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