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What Does Ads Retargeting Mean?

Are you running an online business or trying to gain more customers via digital marketing? Then you might have heard about paid ads. Paid ads are easy to explain, and we have written an article about this, but what does it mean when we talk about ad retargeting? In this article, we will take a look at what ads retargeting means. Continue reading if you want to boost your business revenue in 2023!

What Is Ads Retargeting?

Have you ever visited an online store or your local furniture store window shopping and searching for products you “might” want to buy in the future? After a while, you will start seeing similar product ads pop up on your social media feeds. Well, you were targeted by the ads retargeting strategy! The concept of “Ads retargeting” was created to target consumers that are in different stages of their buyer journey. The ultimate goal is that once the consumer is ready to move onto the next stage and wants to make an online purchase, they will click on those paid ads that kept re-appearing all over their feeds.

The great thing is that the ads retargeting strategy works! We have years of experience in PPC Ads and ads retargeting at Adborg and have experienced first-hand the influence these digital strategies can have. Using the right digital marketing strategy and optimizing your ads can be the key to your business growth in 2023.

The Benefits Of Using Ads Retargeting In 2023

If you are already making use of other digital marketing strategies such as SEO, and email marketing, you might be wondering why you should try the ads retargeting strategy. Well, the truth is, you can still keep working on those other digital strategies, but you can throw retargeting in the mix and see even better growth.

As I have mentioned before, ad retargeting can have a significant impact on your business revenue, but it can also give you a great return on investment. Below, I list some of the main benefits of the ads retargeting strategy.  

Convince Possible Leads To Convert

‌Although you might initially be targeting your ideal target audience with paid ads, social media posts, or SEO, they might not become a lead the first time. The goal of ads retargeting is to remind those possible clients that your offer is available, and in turn, they might become possible leads. It is all about the psychology of marketing. People will normally skip over your ad the first time or exit your website on the first visit, but after seeing them over and over, the possibility of becoming a valuable lead increases.  

Build Your Brand By Creating Brand Awareness

Naturally, when you retarget people with your ads, you will in return also build brand awareness. If your brand is unique, and worth remembering, then ads retargeting can be gold when it comes to awareness. This way people might start talking about your brand and tell their friends. 

Increase Your Conversion Rates

If the strategy of retargeting did not exist in digital marketing, you would have depended on people converting the first time they visit your website. And this is rarely the case. Even if your business has a well-optimized website, people will only convert after a few website visits. By using ads to retarget previous website visitors, you will create a possibility to increase your conversion rates. Think about it, you have nothing to lose! Just make sure your offer is irresistible. 

Ads Retargeting Is Very Cost Effective

The good news is, and this is also a great benefit, retargeting ads can work with any budget. You don’t have to have a big budget to see results. You can personally set your budget and increase it as you go.

Ads Retargeting Provides Creative Flexibility

When it comes to retargeting ads, you have amazing creative flexibility. You can be creative with your ads. Remember, this will be the second or third-time people will see your ads and view your brand. So, the possibility is endless! ‌ 

How Can Adborg Help You With Ads Retargeting?

If you are feeling ready to start using this amazing digital marketing strategy yet? You can start converting those “could have been” customers by working with our amazing and expert marketing team. Let us help grow your business! Contact our team and we can have a free assessment to see how we can help. 

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