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Telcan PPC Case Study

Telcan is a leading internet and home phone provider from Ontario & Québec, Canada. The company is well-known for its great customer service.  We started work on this account in November 2021. In this case study, we compare October 2021 and May 2022 results. Highlights: 444.41% positive change in click-through rate, which shows the increase

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Shift Collab PPC Case Study

Shift Collab is Canada’s leading mental health practice. This mental health institute is located in Toronto. We started working on this account in January 2022. In this case study, we compare December 2021 with May 2022 results. Highlights: 372.84% increase in terms of traffic, going from 81 to more than 350 75.12% change in terms

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Mellion Orthodontics PPC Case Study

Mellion Orthodontics has multiple practices around the United States. They are a trustworthy team of dentists. We took over this account in February 2020. In this case study, we will compare January 2020 results with January 2022 results. Highlights: 116.55% increase in terms of traffic, going from 145 to more than 300 653.87% increase in

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